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Woman inspired by heartbreak


Chloe Meek Foster, right and Craig, middle, at their father’s wedding

A WOMAN has told how losing the three people closest to her have made her look at life more charitably.

Chloe Meek Foster, 22, from Brighton, lost her brother Craig when she was six.

Craig was 17 and suffered from epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare skin disorder. Complications brought on by the condition caused his death in 2002.

In the following few years, Chloe lost both her parents

Chloe, who went to Varndean High School, Brighton, said: “After Craig passed it was very hard for all of us. It was the first passing of someone from our family so it really shook us.”

She still holds memories of Craig close to her heart, saying: “Craig still has a huge impact on our lives.

“He was a huge Arsenal fan and because of that I cheer them on too. He had a great sense of humour and a charming smile which I remember fondly.”

“He was very strong when it came to the disease.

“He had to have his bandages, which covered his entire body, changed two to three times a day which was excruciating for him, as well as baths twice a day as well.

“He did have his bad days but he always put on a brave face whenever my sister Jodie and I saw him.”

In 2007, Chloe’s father died from liver failure and in 2012 tragedy struck again when her mother died of viral hepatitis.

Her sister Jodie Dunk lost her daughter to meningitis in 2009.

But Chloe has drawn on these experiences as something to inspire her.

She said: “I would definitely say all this has made me a stronger, independent person.

“My friends would definitely describe me as caring and dedicated, I hope. Of course every loss was hard, but through time I came to accept them all and just continue to concentrate on all of the good memories.”

EB is a little-known condition and Chloe his keen to help raise awareness of it.

She works at Sainsbury’s in Portland Road, Hove, and pushed for DEBRA, an EB charity, to be the store’s chosen cause for the year.

She succeeded and managed to raise £1,500 but, more importantly to her, raised awareness.

She said that it has made friends and colleagues understand EB better.

Chloe said DEBRA helped support the family with essential equipment such as a special wheelchair and bath.

Source: The Argus