Home news Two men jailed over Hastings taxi rank attack death

Two men jailed over Hastings taxi rank attack death


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Two men have been jailed for killing a man in an attack at a taxi rank.Brian Hill, 60, died a day after he and his brother Andrew, 53, were found seriously injured in Havelock Road, Hastings, just before 01:00 GMT on 3 February.Elliot Bourdon-Pierre, 25, of Udimore Road, Rye and Matthew Smith, 22 of The Hawthornes, also in Rye were convicted at Lewes Crown court on Tuesday. The were jailed for eight years for manslaughter and grievous bodily harm.

After a night out in Hastings the Hill brothers met Smith and Bourdon-Pierre – who “clearly wanted to start a fight” – at a taxi rank , police said. Brian Hill was punched and fell to the pavement hitting his head and he died in hospital from his injuries the following day. Andrew was also treated in hospital for broken ribs and injuries to his lungs and kidneys.After the attack Smith and Bourdon-Pierre left the scene doubling back to the train station taxi rank. They asked the taxi driver to take them back to Bourdon-Pierre’s home but requested he drive back down Havelock Road rather than taking the quickest route, police said.

The pair were arrested after police studied their movements on CCTV footage taken around Hastings, and from cameras in taxis waiting at the taxi rank where the attack took place. ‘Shocked to the core’Det Insp Duncan Elliott said: “The combination of alcohol and [Smith and Bourdon-Pierre] looking for trouble, tragically ended in Brian losing his life and his brother Andrew suffering serious physical and mental injuries.”The pair claimed self-defence but the jury saw through this after reviewing all the evidence.”In a statement, Andrew Hill spoke of the impact of the assault saying: “My mental health has deteriorated since what happened. I no longer trust anyone and I don’t go out.”Brian Hill’s three children said their father would “drop everything” to help his family. “The severity of his death has shocked the entire family to its core and it will be something we will never get over.”
Source: BBC Sussex