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Time for action on graffiti in Brighton


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A DAY of action is being held today against unsightly graffiti and tagging.

Brighton and Hove has been targeted by repeated incidents of names and designs scrawled on to prominent buildings in the city centre.

Now property consultant SHW is joining forces with Brighton and Hove City Council, CityClean and other parties to draw attention to the extent to which the city is being covered up with tags – ugly scrawls and squiggles.

The day of action will consist of CityClean and other teams cleaning some of the worst affected sites in the city such as Jew Street, Brighton Square and London Road, and handing out advice and information for those whose homes and premises are affected by tagging.

SHW has also commissioned a mural to be painted by the artist Sarah Gillings on the side of Hanover House, Queen’s Road.

Head of CityClean operations Damian Marmura, said: “Graffiti is a major blight on our city, so we hope this joint day of action with SHW is the first of many we carry out with local businesses. The council will always be happy to help businesses remove graffiti and tagging from their buildings, but they must remember they are responsible for their own properties.

“We applaud SHW for taking the initiative to get some of the most unsightly graffiti and tagging in our city removed, and we hope other businesses do the same.”

Robert Perry, property management partner for SHW said: “We spend tens of thousands of pounds every year on behalf of landlords removing this mess, which is obviously a waste of time, money and resources for everyone concerned.”

In September The Argus reported on how a mystery graffiti vandal had defaced buildings across Brighton and Hove.

The tag, which appears to be a clenched fist, appeared at ground level on the side of Barclays bank in North Street and was then seen at other sites.

Sussex Police Chief Inspector Chris Veale said: “We are obviously aware that there is an enormous amount of graffiti around the city and the vast majority of it is unwanted, damaging and a blight on Brighton and Hove.

“However, it is not often reported to police, but where it is we will work with Brighton and Hove City Council, other partners and those affected to prosecute those responsible.

“To be successful, this needs everyone to play a part and I would urge anyone with information about who is carrying out this vandalism to get in touch with us.

“It may be art to a handful of people but it’s criminal damage to the vast majority of the citizens of Brighton and Hove and we’re keen to work towards seeing it eradicated.”

The day of action will start in Jew Street at 9am.

Source: The Argus