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Sussex is home to world’s best lager


Richard Longhurst, left, and Spencer Chambers toasting their win

MOVED aside Prague. Forget Munich. The world’s best lager is brewed in Crawley.

Hofmeister Helles struck gold at the 2017 IWSC Beer Awards where it was awarded the title of the best lager for 2017.

The Hofmeister Brewing Company beat multinational brewers in blind taste tests to scoop the prestigious award.

It is also the first lager ever to be awarded five stars at the competition.

The beer was relaunched in 2016, after a 13-year hiatus due to poor sales.

The Crawley-based brewery has transformed Hofmeister’s old taste by going back to the roots of Bavarian beer brewing, using only traditional methods and ingredients.

Richard Longhurst, co-founder of Hofmeister Brewing Company, said: “We did not just want to bring back a famous beer brand.

“We wanted to re-invent it for modern beer drinkers who are looking for authentic, craft beers with genuine provenance.”

“Every keg, bottle and barrel of Hofmeister Helles is made following Germany’s 1516 Reinheitsgebot Beer Purity Law which states only three ingredients can be used in the brewing process, ensuring that our beer is truly authentic for each and every pour.”

He said the new Hofmeister is completely different to the mass volume, standard lager from the 1990s.

He said it is slow-brewed, light golden blonde in colour, rich in flavour and with lower carbonation for a refreshing, balanced, easy-drinking five per cent lager.

Hofmeister Brewing Company co-founder, Spencer Chambers admitted it had been a tough year.

He said: “This time last year we had exactly zero customers and zero credentials. Today we are now stocked in 150 of the UK’s best pubs, bars and restaurants.

“We have worn out the leather on our shoes and dragged suitcases of beer up more staircases than we like to remember – our entire families, even our mothers, have pitched in to help sell as many bottles as possible.”

The lager has also gained a number of high profile fans including rugby union players Matt Stevens, David Strettle and Adam Ashley-Cooper.

For more details about the lager visit hofmeister.co.uk.

Source: The Argus