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Public school educated rapist "I watched Fifty Shades and don't care about women I attacked"


Chiron Hutchinson

A NARCISSIST rapist who attacked three women bragged of watching Fifty Shades of Grey and said he had no empathy for his victims.

Former public schoolboy Chiron Hutchinson, 20. was handed a 28-year extended sentence for raping two women and having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Hutchinson, of Mount Pleasant, Uckfield, raped a 17-year-old girl twice inside and outside his car in secluded woodland near Tunbridge Wells after meeting her in a nightclub. A judge said her ordeal could “only be described as abduction”.

Christopher May, prosecuting, said the victim had “little if any recollection of that other than her finding dirt in her underwear the following day”.

Just six days later Hutchinson attacked a “very drunk” 24-year-old French woman after meeting her “by chance” walking back towards the same nightclub. He had just been rejected by another 17-year-old, the court heard.

He offered the 24-year-old a lift home but instead parked in woodland and raped her before driving back into town and leaving her “distraught”, the court heard.

A month earlier he “went out of his way” to meet a 14-year-old girl, when he was 19.

Judge Mark Jonathan Dennis QC at Maidstone Crown Court described Hutchinson as a “narcissist” and a “fantasist” who demonstrated a “deliberate pattern of behaviour” borne out of a “sense of entitlement” as he ordered the former St Bede’s School pupil to serve 20 years behind bars with a further eight years on licence.

Judge Dennis said Hutchinson was “unabashed” when declaring during the trial he had watched the film Fifty Shades Of Grey while on remand just a few days before taking the stand and had “no empathy at all” with his victims.

The judge branded him an “opportunist” who strived to “engineer situations” so he could be alone with, and take advantage of, young women demonstrating a “deliberate pattern of behaviour”.

When police searched his computer, material found showed an “unusual” interest in “force”, “rape-type” behaviour and “violent sex”.

Hutchinson admitted two charges of sexual activity with a child after striking up a conversation on Facebook, the court heard.

He offered the girl a lift from school and showed her his horses before going to the home he shared with his mother in Mount Pleasant, Uckfield, East Sussex.

Hutchinson plied her with “several alcoholic drinks” in his bedroom before hugging and kissing her and saying she was “sweet”, Mr May said.

He sexually assaulted her in his bedroom, and a few days later, the pair had unprotected sex in a park, before they were disturbed by a dog walker.

All of his victims experienced lasting psychological trauma, needing treatment for symptoms such as panic attacks and disturbed sleep, the court heard.

He tried to intimidate one of the victims, bullying her online, “referencing his money and power” in a bid to get her to withdraw statements, said Mr May.

Michael Haynes, defending, said Hutchinson made an “error of judgment” in one of the attacks, adding: “It’s a fine line.”

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Pledger, of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said: “Chiron Hutchinson is an aggressive, dangerous and predatory sex offender.”

Hutchinson was originally accused of offences against a total of four women between July and October 2016.

He was cleared of three other counts of rape, one attempted rape and six counts of sexual assault.

Source: The Argus