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Police arrest man ‘waving a sword’


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ARMED police officers were called to deal with a man wearing a big suit of body armour wielding a sword.

Police and the force helicopter were called to reports of a domestic incident at a house in Rochester Close, Durrington, at 12.11pm yesterday.

Officers discovered a man in the garden of a property in possession of a large sword.

The incident came to an end shortly after 8pm when police confirmed that the man was ‘safe’ and he had been arrested.

Residents on the street spoke of their shock at seeing such a large police presence and said that the man seen holding a sword is a “really nice guy”.

A person living in a neighbouring house who wished to remain anonymous, said: “He was dressed as a Marvel character with a big suit of body armour on and holding a massive sword.

“The sword looked real from where I was standing.

“I know him personally.

“He is a very nice man and is really lovely normally.

“He has been round before for cups of coffee and we would have a chat.

“The police are using my house to look out of the window and see what is going on.”

Ray Day, 71, who was in the street visiting his daughter, said: “It seemed like a hostage situation from what I could see and have been told.

“There are about 20 vehicles here for one situation.

“Surely they don’t need that many vehicles here.

“It just seems like a whole lot of resources being taken up.

“It’s been going on for hours now so I thought they would have negotiated with him by now.

“I haven’t seen anyone being taken away and I expect the police will be here for a while.”

At the height of the incident, around 20 police cars, a dog unit and two ambulances were parked in the street and the surrounding area.

The police helicopter circled above for most of the day and a drone was used to attain images of the area.

A police cordon was put in place to contain the area and to ensure the safety and welfare of members of the public and residents living nearby.

Source: The Argus