Home news Polegate level crossing hits woman, 89, on head

Polegate level crossing hits woman, 89, on head


An 89-year-old woman was left lying on a railway track after a level crossing barrier struck her on the head. Violet Tarrant said she feared for her life after the incident on Friday in Polegate, East Sussex.”I thought I was just going to die lying on that line. It terrified me,” she said.A Network Rail spokesman said: “The level crossing was functioning correctly at the time with both visible and audible warnings in place.” He said the incident was being reviewed by the level crossing safety team.Mrs Tarrant, who suffered injuries to her head and arm, said the barrier did not give her enough time to cross before it hit her.”I just laid there and screamed my head off,” she said.

It follows another incident at the same crossing in August last year when an elderly pedestrian pushing a shopping trolley became trapped on the railway line as the barriers came down. Since then Network Rail has installed additional safety lights.Campaigners have been calling for changes to be made to the barriers, saying pedestrians have less than 15 seconds to cross.Councillor David Watts, of Polegate Town Council, said: “From a health and safety point of view we can’t have people going across the crossing with possibly a doubt in their mind whether or not they’re going to be struck.”
Source: BBC Sussex