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Passengers told to expect new trains and more jobs


Paul Plummer

BRITAIN’S rail industry has made a series of commitments to improve services and provide billions of additional pounds to the economy.

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG), representing train companies and Network Rail, claimed passengers will see a “transformation in their railway” over the next 18 months with new trains, better services and revamped stations.

Commitments made by the industry as part of the “public and private partnership railway” include:

l Keeping running costs “in the black” to free up taxpayers’ money

l Raising customer satisfaction by running better services

l Boosting communities through localised decision making and investment

l Creating more jobs and increasing diversity in the industry

The RDG said 5,700 new train carriages will be in use by 2021 as part of a £50 billion investment. It claimed staff will benefit from 100,000 jobs and the creation of 20,000 new apprenticeships in rail and the supply chain by 2020.

RDG chief executive Paul Plummer will describe the launch of the In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity plan as a “landmark coming together”. He will tell an audience at St Pancras today: “This plan, delivered by a changing partnership railway, will secure the economic benefits from current investment by the public and private sectors, and enable further improvement and investment.”

Source: The Argus