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Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson’s life advice for son of man killed over debt


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THE son of a man who was killed and buried by a friend has received life advice from Britain’s most notorious prisoner.

Kane Manning, 20, from Portslade, sent a letter to HMP Wakefield lifer Charles Bronson asking him for support after his father, Mark Manning, was killed by Colin Gale in 2014 at a garage he ran in Worthing.

Bronson, who recently got married inside the prison walls to actress Paula Williamson, sent a signed postcard back to Kane telling him to “go on and win” after losing his father.

The postcard reads: “Kane, you’ve had a tough time, it’s a lot to take in. Your old man sounds a great chap – a man of serious respect.

“He would want you to crack on, so don’t let him down.”

The postcard, showing a picture of Bronson’s book Charles Bronson: The Krays and Me, was signed and on the back was written: “Respect to your dad. A brave man.”

The 65-year-old prisoner was sentenced to life for kidnapping and has spent more than 40 years of his life behind bars.

College student Kane told The Argus: “I was a big fan of his and thought I would write a letter to him.

“I watched the film Bronson and found it very inspiring to see what happens when you go down the wrong path.

“I want to go down the right path.

“He seems to have calmed down and seems nice enough to show respect.

“I found out how to contact him on the internet.

“It really means a lot to me and it’s a nice compliment to pay to my dad.

“It is a great relief to read him saying those lovely words.

“I think he is a kind guy and have a lot of respect for him. He does a lot of charity work now.

“In my letter to him I explained about my dad passing away when I was 16. I said I would be honoured to get his support.”

Mark Manning previously bought and sold cars and had also worked removing landmines in some of the world’s most poverty-ridden countries for the Mines Advisory Group, a charity backed by Diana, Princess of Wales.

Gale, from Worthing, was found guilty of manslaughter through loss of control but was cleared of Mr Manning’s murder.

He admitted to the unlawful burial of the former bomb disposal expert.

His trial at Lewes Crown Court revealed that the father-of-two was bludgeoned to death over a debt.

Gale was sentenced to 15 years and eight months in prison last year.

Stewart Robertson was found guilty of preventing the lawful burial of a corpse – he was with Gale when Mr Manning’s body was buried.

He was sentenced to four years.

Both men will serve half the time in custody and half on licence.

Source: The Argus