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Nostalgia: Winters these days are nothing to what we endured back in the day


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WE’VE had some cold weather over the last few days – but it is nothing compared to the snow storms of yesteryear.

Many of our readers will remember long winters when the mercury regularly dipped below the zero mark. For days on end snow would cover the roads and rooftops.

But school was rarely cancelled. Radiators were turned up to full blast and we got on with it.

Today’s main image in Timeout Argus shows a line of abandoned cars from the bitterly cold January of 1987.

The road in Roedean was impossible to get through and it was days before people returned to pick up their stranded vehicles.

In the background you can make out Roedean School and then to the left is the outline of Brighton.

Below the main picture is a scene from the winter storms of 1985. Despite the heavy snow it is good to see that buses were still running.

The view of the Clock Tower is almost the same as today – although the building which houses Boots looks as if it has had a facelift.

Next to it is a photo of a prang, also in Roedean along the A259.

On this page there is a lovely image of a women feeding pigeons.

The photo is dated from March 1986 but there is no information on who she is.

If you recognise her then please get in touch.

We do know the name of the women on the next photo. She is captioned as Jean Harvey, of Exeter Road, Brighton.

There was no way a bit of snow was going to stop her going about her day.

We captured her gingerly circling the car, scraping the windows to clear the snow and ice.

Does anyone know Jean? We would love to hear from her if so.

The final image today is from 1985 and shows a snow covered Peacehaven.

You can date the photo from some of the car models on display.

If any petrolheads out there can identify one or more of the models on display then please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Source: The Argus