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Nostalgia: The weather outside is frightful, but nothing like the storm of ‘67!


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AS we all shiver in the winter chill, it seems only appropriate that we remember some of the happier scenes of snowy weather in Brighton.

Today also marks 50 years since the snow storm of 1967 but who among our readers remembers it?

A group of four skiers feature in our main picture today, but do you know who they are?

Readers could be forgiven for thinking the photo was taken in the Alps, but it is actually Waterhall golf course.

The photograph was taken on December 10, 1967, meaning the snow lasted at least a full three days.

We expect this caused havoc across the UK. Do you remember there being many disruptions to every day life caused by the snow storm?

We can also see the road under the New England viaduct blanketed with snow on December 9, 1967.

It is quite incredible how the viaduct is still so recognisable 50 years on.

Another beautiful image from our archive shows the number two bus to Rottingdean abandoned in the snow in Falmer Road, Woodingdean.

A man is walking past the bus carrying his young child.

He was very brave to confront the chill!

Does anyone recognise the man and child?

Pre-dating the huge snowstorm are our other images, which come from 1963.

How the Clock Tower decorations have changed in 54 years!

We also have a pair of images of Brighton-born activist Harry Cowley, seen here with his wife and a Reg Bets.

Born in 1890, Mr Cowley became involved in grass-roots social activism from the 1920s until his death in the 1970s.

He left behind quite the legacy, with The Cowley Club in Brighton, and a Brighton and Hove bus named after him.

Source: The Argus