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Nostalgia: The Argus honoured with train named after it in 1980


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THE Evening Argus was honoured with a locomotive named after the newspaper decades ago.

The Class 73 steam engine was named Brighton Evening Argus between 1980 and 1992 and was numbered 73101.

The name of the train was then changed to The Royal Alex but still kept the same running number.

There were 49 Class 73s manufactured between 1962 and 1967.

Some were painted yellow to match other Network Rail locomotives at the time and were used to test railway tracks.

The Dean Forest Railway as well as other small rail networks became the new home of the collection of locomotives, where they were preserved.

A similar, but newer version of the electro-diesel locomotive can be seen above at Chichester Station in 1986.

In 1935, a general decline in the use of certain railways meant the line between Chichester and Lavant was not making enough money to keep it open.

Parts of the line were reopened in the early 1970s to help with works at a local quarry.

The line was later closed in 1991 and removed two years later.

Between this period, the collection and transportation of the gravel was undertaken by Class 73 electro-diesel locomotives.

Steam engines and their drivers are also pictured at both Brighton Station and the old Holland Road station in Hove.

Holland Road Halt, as it was then known, opened in 1905 and eventually closed in 1956.

It was located to the west of the original Hove Station, which was operating from 1840-1880, and to the west of the current station, which has been open since 1865.

Brighton Station also has a rich history, being built by the London and Brighton Railway company in 1840.

Source: The Argus