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Nostalgia: Memories of the Theatre Royal – and a total mystery


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TODAY’S Timeout leads on from yesterday’s photos of actress Dora Bryan, who spent much of her adult life in Brighton.

Pictured above left, we see Dora Bryan as the Genie of the Ring in Aladdin at the Theatre Royal in Brighton in 1985. She starred alongside Debra Barrett as Aladdin, and Christopher Biggins as Widow Twanky, a role he would return to again and again.

Do you know who the man is on the left of the photo?

Actress Julia McKenzie also makes multiple appearances due to her shows at the Theatre Royal.

We know she won the Evening Standard Award for Best Actress in 1986 for the West End production of the Alan Ayckbourn play Woman in Mind, but was this the same play that brought her to the Brighton theatre with Alan Ayckbourn?

Do you know when these images may have been taken? We estimate them to be around 1987/1988 however this appears to clash with Ms McKenzie’s theatre schedule – she played Sally in Follies at the Shaftesbury Theatre in 1987.

Martin Jarvis also appears in the pictures. Did he star alongside Ms McKenzie on stage?

Another thing we found striking was the sunglasses worn in these images. They look like they were all the rage back in the late 80s. Did any of our readers own any?

Another picture shows Julia McKenzie with Gareth Hunt strolling through The Lanes in 1980.

We also have a picture of a woman standing at the stage door office at the Theatre Royal. Our archive identifies her as Tracey McGrath but can anyone confirm whether this is correct?

Finally, our mystery pictures. They show a female soldier posing by train tracks and the negative just states “bridge demolition”. Do you know when, where or why the bridge was blown up?

Source: The Argus