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MP backs lottery to buy Royal yacht


Maria Caulfield MP speaking in Parliament

THE MP for Lewes has declared herself a backer of the campaign to fund a new yacht for the Queen, paid for by lottery tickets bought by the general public.

The previous Royal Yacht – the Britannia – was decommissioned in 1997 after more than 40 years in service, 968 official visits and more than a million miles at sea.

On her last deployment to the Far East, commercial trade deals worth £2.75 billion were signed on board to the benefit of the UK.

Her £120 million replacement would be paid for by a new lottery, not from department funds.

In a letter organised by Craig Mackinlay MP and supported by 50 MPs including Ms Caulfield, MPs envisage ministers and the Royal Family could host diplomatic and commercial events on the new Royal Yacht, to “showcase post-Brexit Britain”.

Maria Caulfield MP, said: “Now is the time to consider how post-Brexit Britain projects herself on the world stage.

“The view of many people around the country is that the Government should commission a new Royal Yacht Britannia designed and built domestically to showcase post-Brexit Britain and bringing trade to our shores.

“That’s why I am pleased to support this campaign and urge the Government to Bring Back Britannia.”

Source: The Argus