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Man pulled alive from waves


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A man was plucked from the waves after jumping off the Palace Pier.

Lifeboat crew pulled him to safety after he ended a twenty-minute stand-off with police by throwing himself off the southern end of the pier, near the Horror Hotel.

Pier staff were stationed a short distance from the scene to keep members of the public away.

Shortly before the man fell, coastguards were seen running onto the pier.

Out at sea, a lifeboat picked up speed to intercept him, and minutes later he was seen on board as the vessel moved away in the direction of the Marina.

Staff at Doughlicious Doughnuts at the entrance to the Pier told The Argus they were unaware of the incident until the first police car arrived on the scene.

We have contacted the police for comment and will bring you more on this story later.

Source: The Argus