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‘Man killed by brutal attack in his home’


A MAN was killed by a brain injury caused by his head being stamped on or kicked, a court was told.

Alan Creasy, 65, had at least 22 separate injuries on his body pathologist Dr Robert Chapman told Duncan Hearsey’s murder trial at Lewes Crown Court yesterday.

Hearsey is alleged to have beaten Mr Creasy at his home in Ingleside Crescent, Lancing, on May 29, having already been thrown out of two pubs.

The jury was told that he had died as a result of a brain injury that must have been caused by rapid forceful motion. Mr Creasy’s right ear had also been severed which Mr Chapman said was most likely the result of “some sort of stamp or kick.”

He also had a fractured collarbone and nose as well as a variety of bruises.

Dr Chapman concluded: “In my opinion there needed to be at least four separate impacts to the head, one to each side of the head, another to the nose and one to the inside and outside of the mouth.

“There was at least one impact to the neck and then another to the chest and collar bone.

“The injuries to both ears and resulting bruising and grazing could have resulted from kicking and stamping.

“In my experience punches do not often cause these types of injuries. There is no clear indication of the pattern of bruising such as from a shoe, but I conclude it was from a shod foot.

“That caused the severe underlying brain injury.

“The detailed brain examination showed a sever traumatic brain injury and smaller areas of bleeding over the brain.”

Dr Chapman added that whilst bruises on his fingers suggested he may have put his hand up to protect himself, there was no sign he had hit back with a clenched fist.

The pathologist added that Mr Creasey had been prescribed epilepsy drugs, but there was no drink or drugs in his blood at the time of his death. Under cross examination by Alan Kent QC for Hearsey Dr Chapman said that he did not believe his brain injuries could have been caused by an epileptic fit.

Judge Gold QC asked the pathologist: “Your conclusion is that this man was kicked and beaten to death, is that fair or over simplistic?” He replied: “That’s fair”.

Hearsey denies murder. The trial continues.

Source: The Argus