Home news Major police presence and road cordoned off in Fiveways

Major police presence and road cordoned off in Fiveways


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MYSTERY surrounds a major police presence in the north of the city.

Sandgate Road is cordoned off at both ends and eight squad cars are already on the scene in Fiveways with more arriving every few minutes.

Officers are guarding an address at the lower end of the road, but have not told residents what is happening and the force cannot yet tell The Argus.

The road was closed at 6.30am, with only residents allowed out and no pedestrians or traffic allowed in.

Barfield’s butchers and Fiveways deli were broken into on Sunday night.

A member of staff at Raven’s bakers told The Argus: “They’ve been here since at least 6.30

“The police won’t tell us anything.

“Our customers can’t get in.

“It looks really serious though and it’s normally so nice and peaceful here.”

Sandgate road resident Jenny Fox, 39, said: “When I woke up there were blue lights everywhere and police going into a house opposite.

“The police just said it was some sort of incident and won’t tell us anything else.

“I’m pretty concerned because I’ve got small children at home and this all looks very serious.

“You don’t usually see any police around Fiveways so to have so many I guess must mean it’s something awful.” 

A spokesman for Sussex Police said a statement would be forthcoming shortly.


Source: The Argus