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Lovebirds met on TV dating show


Georgie and Sam

TV’S CUPID Paddy McGuinness has worked his magic on yet another Take Me Out couple.

Professional drummer Sam Slattery, 22, from Brighton, and Georgina Diggins, 24, from Bromley, were headhunted for the ITV dating show.

Not only did the couple grow up in the same London borough but they also shared several mutual friends on Facebook and even previously worked in the same shop, though they never met.

The pair of lovebirds met for the first time during episode three of series ten of the dating show.

Sam said: “I’ve lived in Bromley all of my life until I moved to Brighton to study when I was 18.

“It’s weird that we’ve never crossed paths before the show.

“It turned out that Georgie even visited some of the clubs where I was playing and didn’t give me the time of day.”

After the episode aired last week, the couple visited the isle of “Fernandos”, which is part of Tenerife, where they went go-karting and for a romantic meal.

Georgie said: “Sam said he was from Brighton but it wasn’t until we had the meal where he explained he was originally from Bromley, went to a school in my area and even worked in the same shop.

“I worked in Topman upstairs and he worked in Topshop downstairs at the same time.

“We would have crossed paths so many times without knowing.

“He even liked one of my photos on Instagram through a mutual friend.”

Sam wasn’t sure that Georgie liked him before he picked her to be his date on the show.

He said: “After I picked her, she gave me the ‘friends zone’ handhold. The producers asked if I fancied her and I told them that I did, but let’s see what happens.

“If I’m being honest, I only went on the show for a bit of a laugh and to raise my profile for my music, but I ended up meeting Georgie and falling for her.”

Georgie has since said that Sam is definitely her type, adding: “All my family and friends told me that they could see why I left my light on.”

On the show, girls leave their desk light on if they are attracted to the boy and he picks one from the last remaining few.

Sam is now planning to move back to Bromley, where his mother still lives, to be closer to Georgia.

Source: The Argus