Home news Life is pie! The Argus tucks in on National Pie Day

Life is pie! The Argus tucks in on National Pie Day


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THERE may be a day for everything.

But few can be as eagerly awaited as National Pie Day.

That is our view, anyway.

After a detailed investigation, The Argus can exclusively confirm that this part of the world is blessed with some premium pie-makers.

One of them is tucked away down Baker Street, between the Level and London Road.

Bangers manager Darren Hemsley took over from his mother four years ago but can look back on twenty-five years pounding the pastry.

Ably assisted by an assortment of family members, Darren plies his pie press from the crack of dawn every morning.

His sons already have designs on his job, making it a real family affair.

While we were conducting our research, a customer came in and ordered his regular steak and cheese.

Quizzed on his loyalty to Bangers, he said he had been counting on the shop for ten years – and revealed he was a chef himself.

The business began life as a cold-meat delicatessen selling ‘bangers’, but pies were always the biggest hit.

Breakfast pies – Full English without the egg – and the annual Christmas offering, including trimmings, rival the minced beef ‘Beano’ for popularity.

“Anything will go in a pie,” said Darren.

“We embrace all sorts of different fillings, but we keep doing the traditional ones as well.

“Veganism isn’t a worry for us. If you were in the Lanes or Churchill Square it might affect you, but not here.”

In honour of the occasion, the Argus invited Andy Bull, co-founder of Newhaven pie manufacturers Tailor Made Bakery, into the office yesterday morning.

He said the tide has turned in recent years.

He told The Argus: “Our biggest growth has been in vegetarian and vegan pies. We are always trying to come up with new ideas for our pies.

“Our most popular one recently has been the smoked tofu with roasted garlic, sweet potato and spinach.” His company sells their products to wholesaler Elite Fine Foods. Visit argus.co.uk for more.

Source: The Argus