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Lewes bonfire festivities attended by thousands


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Tens of thousands of people have joined bonfire celebrations in the East Sussex town of Lewes, despite measures to lower attendance.People were warned by police not to go unless they were from the town.Roads in were closed hours before the start of event, and train services were suspended within a five mile radius.”Upwards of around 60,000 people have attended the event,” said Ch Supt Neil Honnor, from Sussex Police, speaking ahead of the event. “That’s far too many for crowd safety purposes.”

Costume controversyPrior to the event, one of the groups involved agreed to tone down its costumes, after the leader of dance troupe Zulu Tradition, booked to perform at this year’s event, said they were “incredibly offensive”.Members of Lewes Borough Bonfire Society traditionally wear black face paint and extravagant accessories for the parade.Some locals have backed the group, commenting the tradition of painting faces had been going on for years.

Source: BBC Sussex