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Inspectors still on full pay months into misconduct investigation


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TWO police inspectors suspended over alleged sexual misconduct while on duty are still receiving full pay seven months after investigations began.

Misconduct papers were served by Sussex Police on Chief Inspector Rob Leet, who helps to oversee local policing, and Bexhill sergeant Sarah Porter after they were allegedly having an affair, The Argus revealed earlier this year.

Neither was suspended at the time but the force confirmed in July that Chief Insp Leet had been suspended, while another officer carried out his duties, for an investigation into the alleged misconduct by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to begin.

No action was reported to have been taken against Sgt Porter after misconduct papers were served.

An IPCC spokesman told The Argus: “The IPCC launched an independent investigation in March into alleged misconduct by two serving Sussex Police officers.

“This investigation is ongoing.”

The Sussex Police Federation, which represents rank and file police officers, said both were suspended on full pay.

Matt Webb, chairman of the Sussex Police Federation, said when The Argus first broke the story that he was aware of the matter and had spoken with the officers.

He confirmed that if they are found guilty, then they would not have behaved in an appropriate manner.

He added that the serving of misconduct papers was a legal requirement and not an admission of guilt.

Chief Insp Leet, a father of four, previously said that the claims about him and Sgt Porter were “unfounded”.

The investigation was launched just days after Brighton-based Inspector Tony Lumb was arrested and suspended while the IPCC investigated allegations he had improper sexual relationships with a number of women while carrying out his duties.

He was initially released on bail but the IPCC later said it was satisfied that bail was no longer required and that he would not remain under arrest.

The IPCC spokesman said: “Operation Nectarine, which involves the independent investigation of an inspector with Sussex Police by the IPCC is currently ongoing.”

Both Chief Insp Leet and Insp Lumb were suspended on full pay, according to the Sussex Police Federation.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “As these are IPCC investigations, we aren’t commenting any further on the matter.”

The allegations made headlines around the county and in London with the Daily Telegraph running an article headlined: “Meet the police officers accused of putting the sex into Sussex”.

Source: The Argus