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Hopkins goads event protesters


Katie Hopkins…..

KATIE Hopkins has goaded protesters ahead of her appearance at a speakers festival today.

The columnist, who shot to fame through her apprentice on The Apprentice, will promote her new book at the Lewes Speakers Festival at 6.45pm.

Opponents have already announced their intention to protest at the event and many have called for her appearance to be cancelled.

But the 42-year-old, who was recently sacked from radio station LBC, is defiant.

Responding to an article in The Argus about opposition to her talk, she tweeted: “Dear @TheArgusNews – please may you ask the protesters to have a shower with soap before joining me on Saturday in Lewes.”

She later messaged: “Dear @BootsUK URGENT. Emergency deodorant supplies needed in Lewes. I will distribute. Like a right wing #bobgeldof. But with better hair.”

Unfortunately for Hopkins she misdirected her tweet sending it to the Lakehead University’s student newspaper in Northern Ontario, instead of Sussex’s only daily.

After seeing a sudden spike in interest in their publication, The Argus editor tweeted back to Hopkins. He said: “Dear @KTHopkins, we are a student run newspaper based at Lakehead University in Northwestern Ontario. I believe you’re looking for @brightonargus. Better luck next time.”

Hopkins’s tweets caused the reaction she usually gets when taking on social media.

One posted: “Can everyone please check down the back of their sofas, behind their fridge, in pockets…Hopkins has lost her career and can’t seem to find it. It may also be down the toilet since she was sacked from her TV and radio shows and lost contract with Daily Mail.”

Another said: “Book sales failing. Supported by morons. Unable to break into mainstream media. Sacked by LBC. Now desperately trying to drum up support for massive stadium gig in…….Lewes.”

One warned: “Careful Katie, they burn effigies in Lewes and not just on bonfire night.”

However, many of her followers were quick to jump to her defence and criticised the people of Lewes.

One said: “It’s amazing how they can turn up to protest at a whim but can’t be at work.” While another posted: “You’re on fire girl…and we are all feeling your heat baby…and we love it and you.”

Hopkins is promoting her book, Rude, at the event. For a report and pictures from the protest see Monday’s Argus.

Source: The Argus