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PICTURES: visitors risking their lives on the cliff edge at Birling Gap

THESE reckless tourists were caught on camera dicing with death as they leaned over this 500 foot high cliff - just for a selfie. Source:...

Hastings 'dangerous' seagulls scared off by hawk

Clyde the hawk is protecting customers at a seafront crazy golf complex. Source: BBC Sussex

GALLERY: Argus pictures of the day

EVERY day our readers send us dozens of incredible images of Sussex. Source: The Argus

Comment: Starting up your own company is a risky business

STARTING your own company can prove to be a risky business but when it works the rewards can be remarkable. Source: The Argus

Column: It’s a worrying time when you wave goodbye

MANY a parent has just delivered their offspring to university this past weekend and come home to… what? A nest that is half empty...

Column: Bikes are back and it’s time to get in the saddle

THERE was a time when I felt the bicycle was probably doomed as a safe and sensible method of transportation. Source: The Argus

Family speaks of horror as car crashes into their garden

A CAR ploughed through a garden fence minutes after two little girls had been playing there. Source: The Argus





Crawley Town 0-0 Luton Town

Luton's bid for a fifth successive league win was thwarted at Crawley where the hosts deservedly claimed a point in a 0-0 draw.Crawley were...


Police claim to reveal the identity of the M25 Cat Killer

POLICE investigating the M25 Cat Killer say they have solved the case and that the mutilations were not carried out by a human. Source: The...