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Column: It’s September and I can’t wait for Christmas

WELL that went by in the blink of an eye. The school holidays are over and normal service has resumed. Source: The Argus

Letter of the day: Average life expectancy of homeless people are under 50

BEING a rough sleeper is bad news on so many levels. The average life expectancy of a homeless man is 47 and just 43...

Comment: It's a tragedy that mental health services have failed needy patients

THAT mental health services failed patient Matthew Daley is in itself a tragedy. Source: The Argus

Column: We're always of losing connection with our kids as they grow up

THE eldest is home from her school trip. Some of her class came off the bus and cried as soon as they saw their...

Dad dresses down to gold Speedos to big up charity support

A FATHER left to head home half naked after his clothes were stolen during a charity swim is prepared for another challenge in his...

Brightonians head to London to protest Trump's UK visit

Demonstrators from Brighton are heading up to the capital to protest Donald Trump's state visit Source: The Argus






Balaclava-clad burglar left house empty handed in Crawley

A BALACLAVA clad burglar carrying a metal bar entered a house before being disturbed. Source: The Argus

Letter of the day: Alcohol in Brighton is the problem not...

I CANNOT believe someone is complaining about people smoking cannabis/weed/hash in the streets of Brighton. Source: The Argus