NHS apologises for failing to prevent road rage death

AN APOLOGY has been issued by the Sussex Partnership Trust in response to a damning report showing how their services failed patient Matthew Daley...

NHS failings 'led to road rage death' of pensioner Don Lock

A DAMNING report has shown how mental health services failed patient Matthew Daley and could have prevented him from killing pensioner Don Lock. Source: The...

Russell Bishop murder trial: Jury re-traces final footsteps of schoolgirls

An Old Bailey jury has set off to re-trace the last footsteps of two tragic schoolgirls, 32 years after they were killed. Source: The Argus

Gatwick Airport move to increase capacity 'underhand'

Gatwick Airport says up to 15 extra flights could take off each hour by using the emergency runway. Source: BBC Sussex

'Catastrophic' tyre blowout on A23 causes major delays on A27

A 'catastrophic' tyre blowout caused major disruption along the A23 and A27 this morning. Source: The Argus

'Striking similarities' between girls' deaths and later sex attack, court told

THE jury was told of “striking and obvious” similarities between the deaths of two nine-year-old girls and a horrific sex attack on another young...

Russell Bishop 'lied to police and families to hide his guilt'

THE man accused of murdering two schoolgirls in the 1980s lied to police and to the victims’ families to hide his guilt, a court...

Cypriot budget airline Cobalt has suspended operations

The low-cost carrier, which flew to several UK destinations, cancelled all flights from midnight. Source: BBC Sussex

Review: YouTube stars help fight stigma of coming out and much...

Rose and Rosie Source: The Argus

Gatwick boss defends "back door" plans to use emergency runway

THE boss of Gatwick Airport has defended leaked plans for a “second runway by the back door” following their official release. Source: The Argus

Comment: Let's live life at snails’ pace

NORMAN Cook is absolutely right. We should all be a bit more snail. Source: The Argus

Column: There are lies, damned lies and also statistics

THERE IS a famous statement that I always keep in mind when I’m reading research or listening to politicians quoting facts and figures. Source: The...

Brighton prepares for Zombie invasion

ZOMBIES are preparing to invade a shopping centre for Halloween. Source: The Argus

Fury as 'disgusting' scammers steal £4,500 from youth football club

A FOOTBALL club chairman has slammed the fraudsters who stole thousands of pounds from their youth team’s account as “disgusting”. Source: The Argus

From sky-high meditation to a snail-paced marathon – everything you need...

THE theme of the Martlets charity’s Snailspace trail is one of slowing down and appreciating what is around us. Source: The Argus

Mum-of-two loses five stone in incredible weight loss transformation

HER “before” picture looks like other people do after their weight loss journey. Source: The Argus