This is the moment a woman with a pram stopped to take selfies as 15ft high waves crashed over a seawall during Storm Bronagh. Source: The Argus
EVERY day our readers send us dozens of incredible images of Sussex. Source: The Argus
STARTING your own company can prove to be a risky business but when it works the rewards can be remarkable. Source: The Argus
MANY a parent has just delivered their offspring to university this past weekend and come home to… what? A nest that is half empty or half full? Source: The Argus
A FORMER mayor of Hove has died aged 83. Source: The Argus
THE OWNER of a well-known greengrocers has died at the age of 89. Source: The Argus
A UNIVERSITY student was found dead at Brighton Marina on Sunday. Source: The Argus
A MASKED robber burst into a convenience store and threatened staff while brandishing a knife. Source: The Argus
A FARMER accusing dog walkers of “animal cruelty” after he says dozens of his sheep were killed has himself been convicted of “appalling” animal neglect. Source: The Argus
A NEWLYWED couple have told of their happiness after they were married on skates on the seafront. Source: The Argus
A FAMILY have had their garden officially declared the second ugliest in the country. Source: The Argus
POLITICIANS are throwing their weight behind a campaign to save a “popular and safe” crossing used by thousands of cyclists, walkers and horse riders every week. Source: The Argus
BRIGHTON and Hove City Council has declared that spray painting on buildings and other property is a blight and an eyesore, and Sussex Police are supporting the development of a strategy to deal with it. Source: The Argus
No 10 says ministers are united amid pressure on her to do a U-turn and back Canada-style trade deal. Source: BBC Sussex
Northants number 11 Ben Sanderson stars with bat and ball as 20 wickets fall on a crazy day one against Sussex. Source: BBC Sussex
AN AMATEUR footballer was attacked during a six-a-side match. Source: The Argus