Home news Halfway to surgery goal for desperately ill Ylena

Halfway to surgery goal for desperately ill Ylena


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CHRISTMAS is a time of giving and thanks to your generosity, a desperately ill teenager is one step closer to life-saving surgery.

Ylena Green suffers from a severe form of connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The condition leaves the 18-year-old bed-bound and in constant pain.

She needs surgery which can only be carried out overseas and her family is trying to raise £130,000 to cover the costs.

Just a few months into the appeal they have already collected more than half the cash – with one generous businessmen handing over £25,000.

“I am so thankful to everyone for all the love and support I’ve had,” said Ylena, from Wivelsfield Green, near Haywards Heath.

“Our friends and neighbours getting together to help me like this is amazing.”

The original target of £90,000 rose to £130,000 after surgeons told her she would need further operations.

Ylena said: “£90,000 seemed such a huge amount to raise let alone when it became £130,000.

“Getting over half-way makes the whole thing so much more real.

“We’ve still got a way to go but the mountain is more of a hill now.”

An MRI scan in August revealed Ylena has severe cranial, neck and spinal instability causing her neck to painfully dislocate at the slightest movement.

Left untreated, it could lead to paralysis and even death.

Parents Letitia and Martin said they have been amazed at the response after Mr Green posted fliers through letterboxes datailing his daughter’s plight.

“Support from the village has been fantastic and with awareness spreading ever wider, we’re really optimistic Ylena will get the treatment she needs,” he said

Fairfax Properties, based in nearby Bolney, pledged £25,000.

Director Jon Ball said: “We try to support local causes and Ylena’s story struck a chord with us.

“We hope other companies will be able to help and she’ll soon get all the funds she needs.”

The family also has support outside the village, particularly in Peacehaven and Seaford where the family used to live.

Ylena’s youth drama group at Chyngton Academy are putting on a special benefit show for her on December 20 at Seaford Head School.

To make a donation towards Ylena’s treatment click here.

Source: The Argus