Home news Foul smell complaints are investigated

Foul smell complaints are investigated


The smell is believed to have come from the Newhaven Incinerator

OFFICIALS investigated reports of a foul smell coming from Newhaven Incinerator following an unexpected shutdown.

The Environment Agency took action following the shutdown last week which coincided with a strong smell in the region.

A spokesman said: “Our officers have visited the facility and continue to work with the operators to ascertain whether the smell is associated with the activity from their premises or from another location. Our investigations are ongoing.”

A spokesman for Veolia, which runs the site, said: “The Newhaven facility recently had to suspend operations due to a power loss on site resulting from external power network issues. We worked to resume operations as soon as possible – the facility is now transforming waste into electricity again and is operating in line with our normal procedures.”

Source: The Argus