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Comic will be taking the editor’s chair


Ian Moore is heading to Manchester Street

IAN Moore, Sussex son and self-confessed Modster, has agreed to guest edit The Argus.

This comedian, author, blogger, chutney maker and all round good egg will take to the editor’s chair on Monday for one day only.

You may have seen Ian at Komedia in Brighton, or heard him on BBC 5Live’s Fighting Talk. You may even have heard his frank words from France as he debates the pitfalls of Brexit.

One of The Argus’s biggest fans, Ian is looking forward to setting the newspaper’s agenda and selecting the top news stories of the day.

Argus editor Arron Hendy said: “We’ve had the author Peter James and the broadcaster Nicholas Owen and now I’m happy to be giving up the chair to Ian for a day. Make sure you pick up The Argus on Tuesday to see his fine work.”

Find Ian on Facebook and on Twitter @ianmodmoore

Source: The Argus