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Children educated where best to go if you aren’t well


Some of the children who took part

NHS Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group staff are visiting primary schools to help educate children on where best to seek medical advice if they feel unwell.

The CCG were at Waterfield School and The Mill Primary School, which are both in Crawley.

The interactive assemblies involve children choosing where best to send Monkey (a puppet used as a tool to talk to children about healthcare services) after being presented with a range of scenarios involving Monkey injuring himself.

The children then work out the most appropriate place for him to receive medical attention.

The aim of the assemblies is to make people think twice about going to A&E for injuries that could have been seen elsewhere and ensure people get the right care, in the right place, at the right time when it’s #notanemergency.

Children were also given a card to attach to their fridges at home so parents could also be aware of the best place for their child if unwell.

Source: The Argus