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Burned body of dog found at Stanmer Park


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THE badly burned body of a dog was found in a park.

The RSPCA are investigating after the discovery was made by a member of the public.

The grim discovery was made on December 29, but the animal welfare charity has only just made details of the sick crime known.

The dog’s body was so badly charred investigators cannot tell what breed or gender it was.

Neither is it known if the dog was dead or alive when set alight.

RSPCA Inspector Liz Wheeler said: “This is a very unusual incident, and I am keen to speak to anyone who has any information as to who may have owned this dog or who knows what happened and why it was found here.

“Due to the fact the dog’s body was so burned we have limited information to go on at this stage, but I would appeal to anyone who may have been in the area or may have seen anything which may help us piece together what happened.”

Source: The Argus