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Broadcaster is reunited with old programme


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A POPULAR broadcaster has been reunited with a 50-year-old university play programme after Argus editor Arron Hendy found it on the floor on recycling day.

Mr Hendy was visiting a friend near Newhaven when he spotted a piece of paper blowing across their garden path ans was surprised to find it was a programme from a play held at Oxford University in the 1960s.

When he saw David Dimbleby’s name on it, he showed the programme to Mr Dimbleby’s son Fred who has been doing work experience at The Argus.

The host of Question Time told his son of his happiness at seeing the programme again and the memories it brought back to him.

Mr Dimbleby, who lives near Polegate, played a Knight in the performance of Murder in the Cathedral by T.S Eliot.

He spoke of his shock and joy at being reunited with the programme.

He said: “I don’t normally go back to Oxford very often except to see my children who have been there.

“Reading this programme really did bring back the extraordinary atmosphere of that place in the 1960s when you were constantly on the go doing this, doing that.

“I didn’t remember doing very much work but I certainly remember working very hard at that play.”

Mr Dimbleby said this was not the first time he had been reminded of the production.

He said: “It all came back to me many, many years later when I was making a film about Thomas Beckett’s murder in the Cathedral at Canterbury at the spot where he was killed.

“Being in that play reminded me of the story and I stood there and acted for the camera the death of Thomas Becket. So it went full circle.

“The extraordinary thing is that anyone kept this from 1960s.

“Who it was, I don’t know. Maybe it was someone who thought it was such a dazzling performance.

“Well at least I thought it was dazzling, that they wanted to have a memory of it.

“It’s the first and last time that I appeared on the commercial stage. It is the only play that I have been part of.”

Did you own the programme? Call the newsdesk on 01273 021372.

Source: The Argus