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Bin arsonist at large after crime spree


One of the bins

POLICE are hunting an arsonist who has been setting fire to bins across the Brighton and Hove.

Firefighters were called out nine times after reports that various types of bins had been set alight on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The nine bins in nine different streets in the Seven Dials area of the city were set on fire between 11.30pm and 2.45am.

A bin in Vernon Terrace was the first to be targeted, followed by Windlesham Gardens, Davigdor Road, Western Road, Silwood Street, Leopold Road, Albert Road, Nizells Avenue and Montpelier Crescent.

Investigators said that the fires appeared to have been caused deliberately.

Firefighters were called and put out the various fires.

Sussex Police said that the bins targeted are not exclusively general litter bins but also include wheelie bins and recycling bins.

An East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: “The fires were all within a succinct period.

“They are all of a dubious nature and they are being treated as deliberate.

“There were no more bin fires reported to us yesterday.”

Police said officers are investigating all of the incidents and believe they are connected.

Police are also investigating further incidents where bins were set alight in the city earlier this month.

A bin was set set on fire in nearby Somerhill Avenue, Hove, at around 11.40pm on Monday, October 16.

In the early hours of the following morning another bin was set on fire at the junction of Nizells Avenue and Somerhill Avenue at around 12.20am.

Alice Johnson, 29, who lives in Montpelier Road, said: “We heard all the sirens last night but I didn’t know anything about it until the morning.

“It sounds as if there is an arsonist on the loose. Why anyone would want to set a bin on fire I don’t know.

“At the end of the day we are all going to be paying for a new one as we are the taxpayers.

“The sooner they catch whoever is responsible the better.”

The Seven Dials area of the city has the large communal bins for both rubbish and recycling.

Anyone with any information about the fires this week or on October 16 and 17 should call police on 101.

l It was a busy night for crews in Brighton with firefighters from Roedean and Preston Circus stations sent to Broad Street.

There was a fire in the basement flat kitchen and it was feared that somebody was trapped inside.

Crews arrived shortly before 5am. All residents were accounted for and there were no injuries.

Source: The Argus