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BGT stripper: I was embarrassed


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A STRIPPER broke down in tears in court yesterday as she denied assaulting a client.

Former Britain’s Got Talent star Kerri Graham is accused of punching Rakesh Pathak after performing a lap dance for him in her car in Brighton city centre in March.

In her police statement, Graham told officers Mr Pathak had followed her to her car and they had met in a club.

She later admitted she was hired as a kissagram and said she did not want to tell officers this at the time because she was embarrassed.

When prosecutor Ayisha Robertson put the inconsistencies to Graham, she said it was because she was traumatised and shocked by what had happened.

Graham told Ms Robertson: “You’re evil. You guys should be representing me.

“You know in your heart that you should be representing me.

“This has been nine months of hell for me.”

She had to be taken out of the courtroom by her husband to calm down after the outburst.

Graham was hired as a kissagram through justbanter.co.uk, a company which organises stag weekends, by Mr Pathak for his brother-in-law’s party.

But she was not allowed to perform in the Walkabout nightclub in West Street.

It is claimed Graham then led Mr Pathak to her car in Russell Place where she stripped for him and performed a sex act for £60 before they were caught by security guards.

They drove to St Margaret’s Place near the Hilton Metropole where Mr Pathak left the car to urinate.

During her trial at Brighton Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Graham claimed Mr Pathak assaulted her by punching her in the face twice after a row.

He tried to get his money back when she said his time was up.

Graham claimed he stole her bag and taunted her as she tried to get it back and at one point twisted her arm when she got hold of it.

She made a 999 call while the fracas was going on, telling police she was being attacked.

Graham, of Thurrock, Essex, also stands accused of wasting police time for reporting Mr Pathak saying he sexually assaulted her and assaulted her.

He was arrested for the two offences, which were dropped, and criminal damage for breaking her rear windscreen wiper, which he pleaded guilty to and received a fixed penalty.

The bench retired and will give their verdict next Thursday.

Source: The Argus