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Beachy Head: Lighthouse building images up for sale


A collection of images showing the Beachy Head lighthouse during its construction is up for auction.The 71 slides of the East Sussex lighthouse show workers scaling rickety ladders down the cliffs, as well as taking a cable car to the site. It is thought the images were taken by an engineer working on the construction between 1900 and 1902.Beachy Head lighthouse was designed and built by the Cornish-born Sir Thomas Matthews.

The lighthouse was built from 3,660 tons of Cornish granite under the direction of Sir Thomas Matthews, the Trinity House Engineer-in-Chief.

A coffer dam was built to protect the groundworks and construction workers from the sea during building of the lighthouse.

The 148ft (33m) lighthouse took two years to build and was completed in February 1902.

The lighthouse at Beachy Head replaced the Belle Toute lighthouse on the cliff top nearby which had often been shrouded in mist and fog.The lighthouse is now controlled from Trinity House’s planning centre in Harwich in Essex.

The images go up for auction at the Penzance Auction House on 30 November and 1 December.
Source: BBC Sussex