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Basejumper crashes into Beachy Head cliffs


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A BASE jumper was airlifted after crashing into the cliffs at Beachy head.

The daredevli had leapt from the 530ft high cliffs in a wing suit on Saturday afternoon but smashed into rocks breaking a hip.

A Coastguard spokesman said: “Birling Gap Coastguard team were tasked to a base jumper whose parachute had pulled him towards the cliff.

“It was reported by his friends that one of the other base jumpers was a paramedic, who immediately jumped off the cliff to his aid.

“A paramedic onboard the helicopter treated the base jumper who is believed to have suffered a broken hip and was stuck the beach close to the Beachy Head Lighthouse.

“He was then airlifted to a meeting point in Brighton, before being handed over to ambulance crews.”

Source: The Argus