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Babysitting app launches in Brighton


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A NEW babysitting app has been met with scepticism by parents.

Bubble launched in Brighton on Thursday and offers parents the chance to book a babysitter at the click of a button.

The app links parents’ social network data to connect them with babysitters in their area who have been used by their friends.

The workers, who can range from a university student to a qualified nanny, are DBS checked before they are available online.

They also have profiles which displays how much they charge with a picture and reviews from past jobs.

But Brighton parents are wary about letting someone they do not know personally look after their children.

Mother-of-three Deborah York, from Brighton, said: “I just wouldn’t do that.

“I would need to know the person. I’d rather stay at home than let someone I don’t know look after my children.”

Ms York’s youngest child, James, is 12.

She said it would not be fair on her child either.

“They are in your house with your child who doesn’t know them,” said the 47-year-old.

“I think you have to know them to trust them.”

Young James said: “It would be weird having someone I don’t know with me.”

The app was launched in London by entrepreneur parents Ari Last and Adrian Murdock.

It has more than 30,000 parents and babysitters using it.

Mr Last said: “As parents we know that when it comes to finding a brilliant babysitter for our kids, nothing is as powerful as a personal connection or recommendation. Our aim with bubble is to make finding trusted childcare anytime, anywhere.

“What’s really excited us is that it’s not just helping parents with their social lives, but with their work lives too.

“Bubble is providing parents, working mothers especially, with the flexible childcare solution they need in order to get back to and get on with work.

“We saw strong demand for the service in London so we’re really excited about rolling out in the area.”

What do Brighton parents think of the app?

Mike Clement, who has a 19-month old daughter, said: “I think it’s a good idea.

“It’s nice to have something like that with that information in the one place.

“But I worry about leaving our child with anyone.

“We only trust family members with our daughter so we wouldn’t use the app.”

Gina Scales, a mother-of-two, said: “Personally I would rather go for someone I know.

“You have to be careful with who you trust with your children.

“I wouldn’t use the app because to me it sounds a bit desperate.

“I would rather just stay at home and miss out than use it.”

Joe Alim, who has a two-year-old daughter, said: “In this day and age, I wouldn’t think about doing this.

“You don’t know what you’re going to get.

“I would much rather ask family or friends who you can trust.

“And the kids would never accept it.”

Lucy Machim, who has two young children, said: “No way would I trust it.

“I would want to know who it was personally, I wouldn’t want a stranger.

“I just think that on the internet it can be anyone these days.

“It’s not worth it.

“I only trust my mum.”

Source: The Argus