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Appeal for disabled six year old


Jakey Thornton

A £60,000 CAMPAIGN has been launched to help a little boy stay in his own home.

Six-year-old Jakey Thornton had a serious accident when he was a baby which left him with severe disabilities.

His foster mother Elaine, 63, from Telscombe Cliffs, needs to raise money to convert their house and install equipment.

This includes a hoist to make it easier to move the youngster around.

Jakey has cerebral palsy and is unable to move or sit up by himself.

He suffer seizures and has no sight in his right eye and impaired vision in his left.

He also has a condition called quadriplegic dystonia which means his limbs are very stiff and painful.

The youngster has to be fed through a tube and had to have a tracheotomy fitted to help with his breathing.

Jakey recently had spinal surgery to help make him straighter and reduce his pain and it will take some time for him to recover.

Ms Thornton said: “Because of the issues he has Jakey needs to have a bedroom and bathroom set up on the ground floor.

“He is getting bigger and heavier to carry up and down stairs and we need a hoist to help him get in and out of bed.

“We have to have a conversion in a way that works for him and with the space we have.

“This is why we have launched the campaign to try to get the help we need to make Jakey’s life easier.”

Mrs Thornton said despite his problems, Jakey is still able to enjoy life.

She said: “Jakey is non verbal but he is intelligent and understands what you say.

“He has a computer called an Eyegaze which he uses by eye tracking and loves playing games, learning and painting pictures on it.”

Ms Thornton has turned some of the pictures into canvasses, calendars and cards which are sold to help boost funds.

The Thorntons are also being supported by Turners Hill-based charity Sullivan’s Heroes, which provides funds for renovations.

To make a donation to the appeal, visit the website juststgiving.com/fundraising/space4jacob?utm_id=20.

Source: The Argus