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Anger over parking as lorry blocks fire engines getting to tower block blaze


The truck blocking the fire engine in St Margarets Place, Brighton

RESIDENTS are angry over parking outside the Sussex Heights tower block, which meant a truck in a loading bay blocked a fire engine from reaching the fire.

A large white lorry was seen in the loading bay outside the Hilton Metropole Hotel garages in St Margaret’s Place, Brighton.

Neighbours said the fire at Sussex Heights showed why it was important to keep access to the road clear.

John Clinton, 79, of St Margaret’s Place, said: “I’ve said for years a fire in Sussex Heights would expose the difficulty the fire service would have in getting to a fire.

“Grenfell it is not, but it shows how important it is to keep St Margaret’s Place free of vehicles at all times.

“Some residents feel unsafe, and resent the attitude of the council and the mayhem of vehicles blocking the street during exhibition times.”

According to Mr Clinton, Brighton and Hove City Council three years ago changed the parking measures in the street allowing vehicles to unload for the Metropole exhibition hall, when previously parking was banned there.

The hotel and city council did not respond to requests for a comment. still waiting for reply

Source: The Argus