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Also available in white, pier and Pavilion


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AS winter approaches we can all expect to see plenty of white vans caked in mud from dirty roads.

But while most don’t give them a second thought, a local traders’ website certainly has.

It has gone one better than the predictable “clean me” scrawled in the dirt and turned some of Brighton’s grimiest vans into works of art.

Street artist Isaac Branco took two days using “clean graffiti” techniques to bring to life Brighton Palace Pier, the Royal Pavilion and the i360 on the sides of three dirty white vans.

He told The Argus the detail of the architecture on the Pavilion was the hardest part of the job, for which he used brushes and his fingertips to create images by removing layers of dirt.

Tattoo artist Mr Branco, who goes by the street tag Furia 139 for his graffiti work, said: “I think those are Brighton’s most iconic things, the Pavilion’s architecture is just beautiful and everyone who knows Brighton sees the pier as such a landmark.

“I use brushes but also my fingers, because the give better control. You need to have precision – if you remove more than you should you can’t put it back.”

The idea to transform the vans came from Local Heroes, a digital service helping people to find trusted tradespeople – local heroes.

Local hero tradesman Ian Trew, who saw the transformation take place, said: “The vans look stunning and definitely don’t need a clean. It’s great to see the city’s landmarks come to life in this way.”

Source: The Argus