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‘Affection the key to Queen’s marriage’


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THE Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s evident affection for one another has sustained their marriage over 70 years.

That is the opinion of Sussex royal watcher Julia McCarthy-Fox.

The 52-year-old, who has followed the royals for more than 30 years, was speaking ahead of the couple’s 70th wedding anniversary today.

Mrs McCarthy-Fox, from Southwater, near Horsham, said: “It is easy to see when observing this amazing couple together how important their partnership is.

“Very often, especially during longer engagements, you see them exchange a few private words, and their obvious great affection for each other is evident to all present by their exchanged smiles. This is lovely to see between a couple who have been together so long.”

The couple wed on a dreary November day in 1947 in what wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill described as “a flash of colour on the hard road we travel’’.

Prince Philip had to accept his life would be in support of his monarch and Mrs McCarthy-Fox said his unwavering backing has been crucial to the success and longevity of her reign.

She said: “The Duke has always seen his role as protecting and making public life easier for the Queen – something he has done admirably.

“She would never have been able to fulfil her important role so well without the support of the man who, on their golden wedding anniversary, now 20 long years ago, she publicly declared ‘my strength and stay’ without whose ‘constant love and help’ she could not have carried out her duties.”

She also praised the Queen’s “tolerance” as key to their “matrimonial contentment”.

To mark the anniversary a series of photographs of the royal couple have been released.

Taken by British photographer Matt Holyoak, they show Elizabeth II and Prince Philip standing in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle in early November

Mrs McCarthy-Fox, who has her own collection of photographs, said: “It has been my privilege to photograph this couple at work, and sometimes off duty, for over 30 years.

“There are no public celebrations planned for this historic day, perhaps wise given their ages and the fuss it would entail.

“Here’s to a happy anniversary. Maybe a telegram, maybe not – and more to follow.”

Source: The Argus