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Advent calendars certainly aren’t what they used to be


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GONE are the days when you opened up your advent calendar window to find the three wise men or a shepherd.

These days, the calendars are much more extravagant. From gin to Prosecco, beauty products to candles, you can find just about anything in an advent calendar in 2017. And some cost as much as half a month’s rent.

There is an excellent spread of calendars from Sussex producers including from independent chocolatiers – such as Choccywoccydoodah, Montezuma’s, and West Grinstead’s Cocoa Loco.

But advent calendars these days are about more than just chocolate. Brighton’s Bluebird Tea Company has created a tea-based advent calendar including luxury tea bags, matcha pots and a tea-scented perfume. Seven Dials’ Seven Cellars has a beer advent calendar, which comes with 24 beers at £68.95.

Nationally department stores have got in on the act the with beauty and alcohol-filled calendars.

At the higher end of the scale, luxury candlemaker Diptique’s advent calendar comes in at a staggering £300 – enough to buy an entire primary school class chocolate calendars.

Source: The Argus