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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Memorial service held for crematorium cat

A MEMORIAL service for a cat that made its home at a crematorium will be held today. Source: The Argus

Four neighbours, four bouncing baby boys

THERE must be something in the water. Source: The Argus

Review: Come on Boris, who are you trying to kid?

WHO on earth do Boris Johnson and his followers think they are kidding when they say they are merely trying to kill off the...

Comment: Grenfell lessons must be learned

IT HAS been stressed many times but remains just as important today. Lessons must continue to be learned from the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Source: The...

Greedy carer fleeced pensioner and left her in squalor

A GREEDY carer fleeced a pensioner by selling her house and keeping her in squalor. Source: The Argus

Woman’s desperate hunt for her long-lost brother

A MOTHER of two is desperately searching for her older brother who she has not seen for seven years. Source: The Argus

Four family events to check out this weekend

Champions League of Darts Source: The Argus

Indie-pop group pack out Resident

MUSIC fans were treated to a special in store performance by the singer of an up-and-coming band. Source: The Argus

Who frontman helps students celebrate in style

ROCK star Roger Daltrey thrilled music students when he turned up to their graduation ceremony. Source: The Argus

Childminders and nurseries closing amid funding 'crisis'

NURSERY school owners have told how funding changes are “breaking them” as figures show many childcare providers are being forced to shut. Source: The Argus

All Saints and Enter Shikari announce intimate charity shows

Jamie Walker speaks to the group helping people through music and concerts. Source: The Argus

Column: Exercise? I’m far too busy to try any of that stuff

I AM just going to come right out and say it. I absolutely hate exercising. Source: The Argus

Pensioner seriously hurt after 'hit-and-run' crash in Hailsham

A PENSIONER had to be taken to hospital after a hit-and-run. Source: The Argus

Brighton police officer who stalked woman while on duty is sacked

A DISGRACED police officer who stalked a woman while on duty has been sacked. Source: The Argus

Velo South cancelled due to 'gale force' conditions

The Velo South bike race has been cancelled due to windy conditions this weekend. Source: The Argus

'Horrific' rabbit mutilation proves M25 Cat Killer is NOT foxes, says charity

A PET owner who found her beloved rabbit decapitated said she is “devastated” the Police have dropped their investigation into the M25 Cat Killer. Source:...